Unique concept
to extinguish all common fires


Car fire

FireOver: the First Aid against fire


Kitchen fire

FireOver: not toxic nor irritant


Short Circuit fire

FireOver: avoid an accident becoming a disaster


BBQ fire ..

FireOver: as fast as a fireman

Red metal spray with with lines and the FireOver logo the packaging of Fire Extinguisher FireOver


FireOver – the company
FireOver is a fast growing company focussed on the development of high quality small fire extinguisher solutions.
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FireOver – the product
FireOver is the fastest and smallest Fire extinguisher. Easy to use, applicable for the most common fire types and with numerous benefits, a very small cost for a huge value.
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FireOver count with a wide red of distributors, please look for a distribuitor near you.

In case you are interested in becoming a distributor of FireOver please visite our “become a distributor” page for further information.

Did you know

  • FireOver the most innovative and unique foam formulation
  • FireOver extinguishes different types of fire
  • FireOver is easy to clean after use
  • FireOver is neither toxic nor irritant
  • FireOver is biodegradable and ozone free

See all the product benefits…

In a nutshell

Explication FireOver flames in the back ground and 3 black and white images showing how to open - shake and apply FireOver


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